How do you keep millennials engaged


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How do you keep millennials engaged?

The generations X, Y and Z, in other words: the millennials. They have a different way of thinking, have a very different view on work and leisure time, learn differently and need a different type of encouragement.

Speakers Programme

Gerrit Brouwer

Founder & CEO - Appical

Gerrit is a born entrepreneur, game changer and a huge tech & gadget freak. He is the one who make transform a creative idea into a successful business strategy. He has a lot of experience in business and has a real passion for people

Michael Wieler

Customer Experience Manager

Entrepreneur and trend watcher Michael is a people person. He knows what drives them and what their reasons are for making the choices they make. He has more than 25 years of global experience in the mapping of trends, early adopters and other influencers.


In 2020, almost half of your company will be millennials. How do you attract them and keep them committed?

  • 13:30


    Introduction & order of business by Gerrit Brouwer

    Gerrit Brouwer
  • 13:45

    The millennial brain

    Michael opens up the bonnet and shows you what the brain of the millennial looks like. What moves them? Why do they make the choices they make? How do you reach out to them?

    Michael Wieler
    Customer Experience Manager
  • 14:15


    Live Q&A with Gerrit Brouwer and Michael Wieler

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