Gerrit Brouwer

Founder & CEO

Gerrit is a pure-bred entrepeneur, game-changer and an enormous tech- & gadget freak. He can transform a creative idea into a successful business strategy. He combines his experience as an entrepeneur with his passion for people to create a special, innovative onboarding-experience. At Appical Gerrit is responsible for clients in the aviation and offshore-industry.


Jeroen Roosenboom


Jeroen has a background in IT and business studies. This, in combination with a big portion of workexperience in IT, makes that he can always hunt down what our clients want on a technical level. As Chief Operational Officer he has the technical and operational responsibility of the Appical platform.


Peter Straatsma

VP Sales

Peter has more than 15 years experience in sales and is responsible for building and scaling the sales department. He is focused on result and always goes for long-term impact. Onboarding should be high on the agenda of every company according to Peter. Why? Providing your employees with a state-of-the-art onboarding saves a lot of time and delivers substantial cost savings that ultimately leads to more engaged employees.