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Our customers are a colorful collection and we are proud of that. From organizations with 50 employees to organizations with more than 10.000 employees in the most diverse industries. Appical offers every organization the best fitting solution.


Create the ultimate onboarding experience

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The essence of your organization directly to the heart of your new employee.

With a unique combination of knowledge, experience, and technology, we bring the essence of your organization directly to the heart of your new employee.

What does the employee journey look like?

From the first moment of contact, signing the contract, the onboarding period until the termination of employment. With Appical you create impact at every moment.


Pre-boarding runs from the moment a new employee signs their contract until the first working day.


Onboarding takes place from the new hire’s first working day until they are fully integrated.


Offboarding starts when the employee indicates they want to leave the organization and ends on the employee’s last working day.

The best features

Make complex information easily understood through a game or a video

Complex information and protocols present a challenge for onboarding. You want to make this kind of information not just accessible to your employee, but also engaging. With Appical you can present all information in the shape of a game or a video. Multimedia interaction and a fun learning process ensure a much better knowledge transfer!

The workplace from your smartphone

Not all departments are accessible to a new employee in the Healthcare work environment. Moreover, giving each new employee a comprehensive tour is impractical and time-consuming. Augmented reality offers a useful alternative! Give the new employee a look into all departments via their mobile device  – even from their own home!

Meet your colleagues

What keeps the receptionist happy after 25 years? What is the chief surgeon’s secret hobby?
And what vision does the director have for this year? Through the videos in the app, the new employee gets the stories directly from colleagues and department heads and has a personal, unmediated look into the people who make the organization.

That is how it works


We know what works and help you choose the right structure and user flow.


Create impressive slides without any programming knowledge. All parts are predesigned and can easily be converted to your own style. Games, Augmented Reality, video. Appical has it all.


When your app is ready we publish it with a few clicks to the app stores, of course the app can also be reached via desktop.

Your onboarding- app is up & running in just 3 steps!

The user


The HR manager

‘’Introducing 4000 employees to the new location of our hospital was a big challenge. We wanted to do this in an innovative way, and was happy to use a virtual reality tour for that”.

Sint Lucas

The manager

‘It’s difficult to arrange group meeting for multiple new employees, especially when trying to synchronize lectures. With Appical, we solved this by getting employees involved in a structured manner.’


The manager

‘The onboarding process and the way we work may differ from one region to another. In CEVA, we chose to create a chapter for each location and briefly tell something unique about it. The buddy program ensures that teams are responding quickly and managers are informed of progress in real time.’


Onboarding millennials. We tell you how!

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Secretary Plus

‘Secretary Plus is a Great Place to Work, that’s a warm welcome that we realize with the app!’

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View case-video

Employees were up to 83% more productive due to good onboarding.

The smart use and analysis of data of your employees have maximum positive effect for both employee and employer. Employees were up to 83% more productive due to good onboarding.

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Take care of a real offline experience too.

8.75% of the income of generation Z is spent on online purchases, compared to 3.85 from generation X. Make offline a true experience too.

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Investeren in je Employer Brand brengt enorme kansen met zich mee.

Investing in your Employer Brand brings enormous opportunities.

Appical research


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