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The field of Manufacturing, Logistics & Transport is full of safety regulations, procedures and complicated processes. Imagine if you could have them easily accessible to your new employees everywhere, at any time.

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Why Appical in Manufacturing, Logistics 
& Transport?

Your industry is characterized by many safety regulations and procedures. You have to deal with employees who provide various services across a large geographic area. With Appical you can create a customised onboarding program, with which you educate, train and communicate directly. Moreover, you can monitor the progress of your employee and adjust the knowledge base if necessary.

What does the employee journey look like?

The employee journey begins with the first moment of contact and carries on from signing the contract, through the onboarding period and all the way to the termination of employment. With Appical each moment can be impactful!


Pre-boarding runs from the moment a new employee signs their contract until the first working day.


Onboarding takes place from the new hire’s first working day until they are fully integrated.


Offboarding starts when the employee indicates they want to leave the organization and ends on the employee’s last working day.

The best features for Production, Logistics & transport

Discover locations through your mobile.

While they may provide important insights about your organization, not all locations or departments of your company are accessible to your new employe.  With Appical, Augmented Reality provides a good alternative. The app’s virtual tour options allow new employees to visit all locations without having to be physically present.

Complicated procedure - explained!

A work environment full of long protocols and complex information presents a challenge – how to communicate all this information to new employees in an engaging, easy to understand way? With the app, all information can be displayed in a game or video format. The result is more interaction, more fun, and better knowledge transmission!


Always and everywhere.

Your employees are often on the road and work from different locations at different times.
With Appical your training program is always accessible, also on various devices: you can start on your desktop and continue on your mobile!

How it works


What type of organization are you? In which sector are you active? We know what works and help you choose the right structure and user flow.


Create impressive interactive pages without any programming knowledge. All elements are predesigned and can easily be adjusted to your own house style. Games, quizzes, Augmented Reality, videos. We thought of everything!


When your app is ready we publish it to the app stores. Once it goes live, the app can also be reached on desktop, of course.

Your onboarding-app is up & running in just 3 steps!

The user


The manager

‘The onboarding process and the way we work may differ from one region to another. In CEVA, we chose to create a chapter for each location and briefly tell something unique about it. The buddy program ensures that teams are responding quickly and managers are informed of progress in real time.’

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The HR manager

‘HR works with many employees in various positions. An onboarding platform makes it easier to follow this early starting period, and keeping track of new employees is much more clear.’


The employee

‘We use Appical as a continuous learning tool, for both new and temporary employees. Independent, self-standing learning is central to this journey.’


Millenials inwerken? Wij vertellen je hoe je dat doet.

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‘People do not feel like outsiders on their first workday and can start talking about the ins and outs of our company immediately!’

View the case-video
View the case-video

CEVA about how onboarding can be much more personal

E-onboarding: ‘People find this new way of onboarding much more personal’

Appical research

There is a shortage of personnel within the transport sector, and an even greater shortage is expected in the coming years.

There is a shortage of personnel within the transport sector, and an even greater shortage is expected in the coming years. Further training and rapid training are indispensable in this.

Appical research

Employees up to 83% more productive

Employees were up to 83% more productive due to good onboarding.

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