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The quick and efficient acclimation of new employees is a challenge, especially in a complex and highly diverse working environment.

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Why Appical in Healthcare?

In the healthcare sector, work environments are highly varied. With Appical you can start by creating a customary onboarding program that provides basic knowledge and general information and then dive deeper! Adding function- or department-oriented content, which will be available to specific position holders or specific locations enables you to guarantee every employee is informed quickly and efficiently!

What does the employee journey look like?

From the first moment of contact, signing the contract, the onboarding period until the termination of employment. With Appical you create impact at every moment.


Pre-boarding runs from the moment a new employee signs their contract until the first working day.


Onboarding takes place from the new hire’s first working day until they are fully integrated.


Offboarding starts when the employee indicates they want to leave the organization and ends on the employee’s last working day.

The best features for Healthcare

Make complex information easily understood through a game or a video

Complex information and protocols present a challenge for onboarding. You want to make this kind of information not just accessible to your employee, but also engaging. With Appical you can present all information in the shape of a game or a video. Multimedia interaction and a fun learning process ensure a much better knowledge transfer!

The workplace from your smartphone

Not all departments are accessible to a new employee in the Healthcare work environment. Moreover, giving each new employee a comprehensive tour is impractical and time-consuming. Augmented reality offers a useful alternative! Give the new employee a look into all departments via their mobile device  – even from their own home!

Meet your colleagues

What keeps the receptionist happy after 25 years? What is the chief surgeon’s secret hobby?
And what vision does the director have for this year? Through the videos in the app, the new employee gets the stories directly from colleagues and department heads and has a personal, unmediated look into the people who make the organization.

That is how it works


We know what works and help you choose the right structure and user flow.


Create impressive slides without any programming knowledge. All parts are predesigned and can easily be converted to your own style. Games, Augmented Reality, video. Appical has it all.


When your app is ready we publish it with a few clicks to the app stores, of course the app can also be reached via desktop.

Your onboarding-app is up & running in just 3 steps!

The user


The employee

‘Various colleagues talk about the work they do at the LUMC’

Ipse de bruggen

The manager

”New colleagues regularly start at different locations. Their training takes a lot of time, which we rather to spend treating our clients. For me as a care manager, providing feedback through the app is a huge plus”. – Sabine Piesens, care manager at Ipse de Bruggen –


The HR manager

‘’Introducing 4000 employees to the new location of our hospital was a big challenge. We wanted to do this in an innovative way, and was happy to use a virtual reality tour for that”


Onboarding millennials? This is how!

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‘That’s why we made our introduction program more interactive via Appical’

Watch the case-video
Watch the case-video

More attention for onboarding

More attention for onboarding in LUMC through the use of Appical.

Appical research

Employees up to 83% more productive

Employees were up to 83% more productive due to good onboarding.

Whitepaper ROI

Due to the aging of the population, the demand for healthcare staff is increasing considerably

Due to the aging of the population, the demand for healthcare staff is increasing considerably. The share of vacancies that are difficult to fill has increased from 51% in 2017 to 45% in 2016.

Appical research

An onboarding platform helps attract talent, get them productive and retain them

An onboarding platform helps attracting talent, get them productive and retain them.
More than eight percent of employees leave the care industry every year.

Appical research

Secure knowledge of ex-employees

Secure knowledge of ex-employees and make them ambassadors!

Appical research


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