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Start boarding before the first working day with our pre-boarding app. Use videos, checklists, quizzes, interactive assignments or virtual reality to create an interactive pre-boarding process for your new employees.

ISO 27001

Appical is ISO certified. We guarantee quality, we ensure your customer data is safe with us and we meet the highest international quality standards. Would you like to know more about our platform, links or data privacy? Ask one of our onboarding experts!


The benefits

  • Start boarding before the first working day
  • Make employees more productive and involved faster
  • Create ambassadors
  • Provide an even better start
That top talent chooses your organization and signs his or her contract, cheers!
3 WEEKS BEFORE FIRST WORKING DAY Give your new employee direct access to the app and start with preboarding.

Meets his new collagas through the Peoplefinder

Watch a welcome video from the manager

Sneak peak of the new work place through Augmented Reality.

Receive all information about the first working day, what do I need? Where do I have to be? What do I wear?
Congratulations, you are now well prepared for your first day at work!

Next Step: Onboarding

After the pre-boarding starts onboarding phase. Discover the possibilities here.


View the performance
of your new staff
at a glance.

Knowing how your new employee performs is important. We provide you with statistics such as total time spend learning, time per session, number of repeat visits and their score. In addition to these statistics, you can view and download individual user data, such as answers to the questions asked. Or view the photos and videos that your new employees have uploaded.

How it works


Choose & use best practices

We know what works and help you choose the right structure and user flow.


Onboarding game & design

Create impressive slides without any programming knowledge. All parts are predesigned and can easily be converted to your own style. Games, Augmented Reality, video. Appical has it all.


launch platform

When your app is ready we publish it with a few clicks to the app stores, of course the app can also be reached via desktop.

In 3 steps your interactive employee journey up & running

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In addition to knowledge of onboardings, our specialists know how to create digital content and transfer relevant information in an interactive way. We keep you constantly updated on the latest trends in HR, organize our own events and you will be the first to access new features.

Foto man welke Appical onboarding app speelt


As a first-mover and with more than 250 customers in 72 countries, we know what makes an onboarding program succesfull. Our data analysis helps us to continuously optimize the way of communicating and interacting.

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Last but not least, our native app. An interactive and sleek design, designed for increased ease of use and mobile first. The right technique to get your story into the heart of your new employee.

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