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Get the essence of your organization in the heart of your new employees. Create the ultimate onboarding experience by delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. This ensures an interactive onboarding experience. To provide the right experience in every phase, our product covers three bases:

Pre-& Onboarding



Get new employees up to 75% productive faster with onboarding

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A streamlined process everywhere any time

Automating your onboarding process and save time filling out, filing, and finding lost paperwork.

Unlock content when your employees need it, reducing information overload and optimizing adoption.


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Getting new hires up to speed and productive

Deliver important information in engaging ways through various interactive pages. Create a dynamic knowledge base with customized quizzes, personal videos, photo walls. Ask and provide feedback on the spot to get your new hires fully onboard – FAST!


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Create a personalized journey and stimulate connections

Give your new hires a personalized welcome to your company and introduce new colleagues and key people

Automatically remind your new hires to complete tasks and fill out & send necessary paperwork

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Analytics & Data

Monitor the process

Managers or buddies will become true new-hire-mentors with the analytics dashboard. Connect with your new hires, provide feedback, and follow the process in real-time.

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The ultimate employee onboarding checklist for managers

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Our product covers:


Pre-& Onboarding

  • Start training before the first working day
  • Get new employees up to 75% productive faster
  • Go further than an introduction
  • Combine quizzes, games, and video
  • Monitor the progress
  • Create ambassadors
  • Collect feedback to improve your onboarding process


  • Preparing employees for their return to the workspace
  • Share checklists
  • Pulse checks through employee surveys
  • Share the most up-to-date information from the government and WHO
  • Have employees navigate through new protocols
  • Measure, prove, and report progress


  • Receive valuable feedback
  • Ensure proper handling of administrative matters
  • Build a lasting relationship through an Alumni network
  • Collect knowledge and experience
  • Use the feedback from the offboarding app to improve your pre- and onboarding app!
  • Let your employee say goodbye in a surprising way
Employer Branding Marketeer at Wortell

Friso Visser

“Appical ensures that new hires experience an even smoother start and they really love that. The best compliment I got is when one new hire said that Wortell not only welcomes new employees with a warm bath, but also adds a bottle of champagne, luscious bath foam and great background music. With Appical being the champagne in this case.”

Onboarding at Wortell
Learning & Development Coordinator at DPG Media

Lisa Gertsen

“I provide the complete DPG Media introduction program. Working with Appical ensures that new employees do not arrive completely clueless during their start. Extensive information is already shared through the app. This gives you the feeling like you already know DPG Media a bit, and you have a better idea of where you are going to work.”

Onboarding at DPG Media

Create your interactive employee journey in 3 easy steps

How it works


Create a blueprint

Based on best practices we’ll help you create the right structure and user flow for your onboarding journey(s).


Build your journey

Create engaging content without any programming knowledge. Choose from our predesigned template library and easily convert content to your own style: from games, augmented reality to video.


Launch platform

Your onboarding journey is now ready to be used. Invite your new hires and start your next level onboarding!

API integrations

Start building your interactive employee journey today!