Almost every company has been affected by the COVID-19 virus. Companies are partially or completely closed and have sent employees home for weeks. It is now clear that ‘returning to the old normal’ is out of the question. Social distancing is the ‘new normal’ for the foreseeable future. Now that employees will be able to return to their workplaces step-by-step, this poses the challenge of how to inform employees about new protocols and work instructions. Appical launched a reboarding app for companies of all sizes to safely reopen their doors for employees.

Why use Appical for Reboarding

  • Works “stand-alone”
  • ISO 27001 certified & GDPR compliant
  • Proven effective technology
  • Easy to adjust and scalable, so always up to date
  • Multi-device
  • Standard information at branch level with customization per company
  • Clear reports & insight into usage

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How does it work?

A reboarding app ensures that all employees are obliged to go through the protocols. You can then measure, prove and report the progress of employees. This way you can immediately demonstrate that your employees are and remain aware of the complete protocol.

Everyone informed

Keep employees informed in a simple, efficient manner

Communicate the most up-to-date information from the Government and WHO, help employees navigate through company- or department-specific protocols and measure, prove or report their progress with one glance!

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Re-familiarize your returning employees

Bring your employees up-to-speed on important changes by sharing checklists or floor plans and get to know their needs and wishes through interactive surveys to help you support them on their way to the new reality/ empower them to get back to ‘business as usual’

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Safe collaboration

Promote safety in the workplace

Ensure health and safety enjoy top priority in the reboarding process by informing your employees about the newest agreements regarding physical distance or hygiene protocols, offer and test them on engaging self-learning tools or simply communicate with them in the accessible in-app chat.

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More Information
Reboarding employees can be tricky. This is how our platform can help!
The first day back to work! How can you ensure all employees know what to expect for their first day back? The reboarding app has the following functionalities:
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Accessible updates
Allow your employees to stay informed about the most recent protocols & safety regulations.
screenshot appical app
Knowledge assessment
Test your employee’s awareness of the new protocols with various, interactive templates.
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Frequently asked questions
Support your employees by offering clear and structured answers to anticipated questions. These can easily be updated!
Share documents
So that adapted working methods and manuals can be easily shared and signed after reading
Video pre-boarding
The indispensable start to offer all employees a warm 'welcome back'. Semi-personal and scalable.
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Employees survey's
To test how every employees experience the 'new normal', and how happy and involved they are.
Animatie chatbot
Which groups can be created by location and department. HR / Communication can be added to act immediately.
Congratulations, your employees are safely aware of the new protocols and work instructions!

The ultimate Reboarding checklist: Getting back to work

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