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To get the essence of your organization in the heart of your new employee, you need to get the right message to the right person at the right time. This ensures the ultimate onboarding experience. To provide the right experience in every phase, our toolkit consists of three products.




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Employee journey milestones

With Appical you create an impact at every moment, from signing the contract until the last day on the job.


Pre-boarding runs from the moment a new employee signs their contract until the first working day.


Onboarding takes place from the new hire’s first working day until they are fully integrated.


Offboarding starts when the employee indicates they want to leave the organisation and ends on the employee’s last working day.

The benefits

  • Reduce administrative tasks to a minimum
  • Strategic approach to personnel management
  • Build your Employer Brand
  • Retains knowledge & culture
  • Decrease the retention
  • Improve the quality of work
  • Turn employees into ambassadors
  • Improve the ROI
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Onboarding in numbers



Organizations with a strong onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82%

Quality of hires

Organizations that invest in a strong candidate experience improve their quality of hires by 70%. 

95% of organizations of all sizes admit to making bad hires every year.


GEN Z is coming!

In 2020 47% of your workforce will be Generation Z

Can I afford it?

Our customer base is very diverse, from companies with 50 employees to companies with more than 10,000 employees in various industries. We offer a suitable solution for every type of organization.

Are you curious about how our platform is used in your branch at similar companies? Then take a look at our cases.


How it works


Choose & use best practices

We know what works and help you choose the right structure and user flow.


Onboarding game & design

Create impressive slides without any programming knowledge. All parts are predesigned and can easily be converted to your own style. Games, Augmented Reality, video. Appical has it all.


launch platform

When your app is ready we publish it with a few clicks to the app stores, of course the app can also be reached via desktop.

In 3 steps your interactive employee journey up & running

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  • Start training before the first working day
  • Make employees more productive and involved faster
  • Create ambassadors
  • Provide an even better start


  • Go further than induction; processer a digital experience
  • Monitor the progress of your employee
  • Get new employees up to 75% faster productive


  • Receive valuable feedback from employees
  • Build a lasting relationship through an Alumni network
  • Let your employee say goodbye in a different way

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