Pre-boarding & Onboarding

Pre-boarding & onboarding are the most important processes to help your new hires feel welcome faster at your company. During this phase, they decide if they will continue working for your organization. A good pre- & onboarding gives them a successful introductory experience and engages from the beginning. With Appical, you can retain, pass on knowledge and make sure your new hires become top performers.



Get a pre- & onboarding platform to help your new hires succeed

  • Share interesting content to keep your hires engaged
  • Unlock content when needed with a streamlined process everywhere, anytime
  • Increase the efficiency of your new hire’s first weeks by 75%
  • Combine games, videos and integrate with other systems
  • Monitor the progress of your new hires
  • Use our onboarding blue prints for a successful formula
  • Strengthen your employee brand

Make a difference NOW with your onboarding program

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Meet the company

Get new hires on board in the blink of an eye

What is the company’s history? What are the product’s insights? Where is the office located? What is the dress code? All information can be found in the platform. Our interactive quizzes make new hires stay engaged and are curious to find out more.


Give an unforgettable learning experience

Instead of reading 687 pages of the ‘new hire manual’, your new hires play games, view videos and answer questions. That way, the knowledge will stick.

The ultimate employee onboarding checklist for managers

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Direct feedback

View the performance of your new staff at a glance

Knowing your new hires’ performance is important. We provide you with all statistics and data needed to track the development of your new hires and help them flourish faster. You can give the new hires real-time feedback and, with a fresh perspective, they let the manager know which improvements are possible.

Engaging content

Give the ultimate virtual Pre-boarding & Onboarding experience

The platform provides a streamlined process everywhere, any time. It’s efficient, simple and engaging. With custom branding and the beautifully-designed interactive pages, your new hires will get a real feeling of your company’s culture even before visiting the office.


API integrations

Employer Branding Marketeer

Friso Visser

“Appical ensures that new hires experience an even smoother start and they really love that. The best compliment I got is when one new hire said that Wortell not only welcomes new employees with a warm bath, but also adds a bottle of champagne, luscious bath foam and great background music. With Appical being the champagne in this case.”

Onboarding at Wortell

Create your unique employee journey in 3 easy steps

How it works


Create a blueprint

Based on best practices we’ll help you create the right structure and user flow for your pre- & onboarding journey(s).


Build your journey

Create engaging content without any programming knowledge. Choose from our predesigned template library and easily convert content to your own style: from games, augmented reality to video.


Launch platform

Your pre- & onboarding journey is now ready to be used. Invite your new hires and start your next level onboarding!

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