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Explore Appical’s integrations that help you to seamlessly connect your other HR software with Appical.

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Applicant Tracking Systems

Appical connects with all important Applicant Tracking systems to save you time and administrative work.

Automate your user management by making sure your new hires get access to Appical once they are hired.

Our Applicant Tracking System Partners

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Core HR Systems

Naturally, you don’t want to have an app for everything. Our onboarding App connects seamlessly with your Core HR System to make sure all the data you collect is stored in one place. 

Add your new hires’ onboarding progress and results to their personal profile in your HRIS.

Our Core HR System Partners

Communication & Single Sign On

Stimulate meaningful conversations between your new hires and their colleagues by integrating with your internal communication platform.

One login for everything thanks to SSO. Easy peasy.


Our Communication and Single Sign On Partners

Digital Signing

We integrated Docusign & Hellosign into our system to easily upload and send documents for electronic signature!
No emailing back and forth or printers needed! Let your new hires sign the required documents during their onboarding through Appical.

Our Digital Signing Partners

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