Effortlessly maintain the way you work by connecting Appical to the software solutions you already use. Seamlessly integrate leading HR, IT and productivity systems and build the ideal technology environment tailored to your team. The data from your integrated software will be automatically synchronized with the Appical platform to ensure all information is centrally available for your new hires to enjoy a streamlined, stress-free onboarding.

Integrate with Appical

“HP and Appical successfully collaborated to develop a seamless integration of the HP Wayfinder mobile app with our Workday platform. This integration enables us to stay GDPR compliant, while giving our new hires the option to receive critical onboarding information that prepares them for Day 1 and sets them up on their journey for the first 90 days with HP. ”

Stacey from HP

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Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Automate your user management by making sure your new hires get access to Appical once they are hired.

Seamlessly trigger onboarding experiences through automatic data synchronization that ensures all information is centrally available for your new hires to enjoy a streamlined, stress-free onboarding.

Digital Signing

Paperless onboarding is here!

Integrating a digital signing feature into your onboarding process allows you to quickly and easily upload your documents for electronic signing. Your new hires can then sign the required documents directly in the app during their onboarding, without needing any external emailing or printing.

Core HR Systems

Add your new hires’ onboarding progress and results to their personal profile in your HRIS.

Our integrations with Core HR systems collect and import data about every new hire and allow admins to coordinate a streamlined and repeatable onboarding program for all candidates.

Team Communication

Connect and communicate with your entire workforce

Boost employee productivity and the speed of onboarding by automatically delivering relevant information at the right time and right place. Connect, engage and empower your workforce so your HR Team can focus on what they do best – helping people.

Background Checks

Ensure you are making the right hiring decision with a fast and efficient employee screening process.

People determine the success of your organization! In the employee screening process, your new employees are informed and involved from the start – creating an optimal candidate experience to obtain and verify specific, relevant personal data, while respecting the quality and integrity of everyone involved.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Access multiple applications with one set of login credentials

Simplify and streamline your employee onboarding process by integrating a single sign-on system, making it easier for you and your new hires to efficiently navigate between your ATS, HR core system and onboarding platform.

Provisioning of users

Easily manage user identities in cloud-based applications

Integrating a System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) allows users to completely control the user management of Appical with their SCIM module. Simply create, update, and delete users and all their information in the cloud.

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