Employee Centric with the onboarding app!

At Centric, our employees rate our Appical app as 7.5 or higher and feel it is central to the improvement and expansion of the onboarding platform. The app adresses everyone. It doesn’t matter to which position the new hire is designated, they will already know the organisation before the introduction afternoon on their first day. Craftsmanship and personal contact play an important role in the Centric culture and thanks to this app we communicate that from the first moment.

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Attention & personal contact that fits us as a company

Immediately after signing a new contract, their journey starts by Centric. In this way they gradually learn more about our organization in a low-threshold way. The app ensures that every new employee receives the same information. Because we have a lot of information about our organization via the app, but share a lot of practical matters, there is much more room for deepening in the language central introductory afternoon. There is more time for personal contact and we can add much more interaction to the introductory meeting at the office. Read more about how the app was reated internally and externally!

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Ingrid Vlaming

‘Thanks to Appical, new employees get to know Centric in a modern way, which makes them feel at home in our organization even faster. As an HR team, we work on great projects that contribute to the involvement and motivation of our colleagues, by making them feel valued.’

Your journey

The dashboard of the app is clear. You get immediate insight into your progress.

Centric city?

A 360 degree video explains which customers belong to the Centric City!


Centric is not only active in the Netherlands, where the head office is located, but also in a number of other European countries. New employees are challenged with a quiz.

CRAFT - develop yourself!

We find sharing knowledge and development very important at Centric. We do not only put that into practice internally, but also externally! That is why we offer non-Centric staff CRAFT, the growth program for IT staff. You can read more about it in the app!

The advantages

  • Interactive and intuitive way of working.
  • No longer just a one-way monologue from the employer, but rather a real personal contact.
  • Easy to deploy internationally.
  • Covers the entire employee journey.
  • ‘Story unlocking’ ensures that employees receive the right information at the right time.
  • Easy to reach Internal stakeholders!

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Centric believes in the power of innovation as a boost for sustainable growth. By connecting with professionals, partners and customers, we deliver innovative, pragmatic solutions and services that support the responsible growth of our company and enhance stability for customers and employees. We enable our customers to focus on their core businesses with our technological solutions, administrative services and more than 4,300 qualified professionals in Europe. The combination of our thorough IT knowledge and our years of experience with specific industry processes, distinguishes us from traditional IT suppliers and administrative suppliers.

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