A 9+ pre-boarding experience at Holland Casino!

Holland Casino uses Appical to keep attracting and engaging new employees during the screening process, this is the period after the selection and for the first working day. Their e-learning module 'Welcome to Holland Casino' was outdated. With Appical, both challenges are combined in one solution. They consider it important that both permanent employees and flex workers can start well informed and prepared. For this reason, everyone gets access to the app. They choose Appical because of the user-friendliness for both users and editors and because of the link with the recruitment system HR Office.

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Goal of the app

The general part of the app starts with a video featuring our CEO, who welcomes the new employees. We then tell more about our mission, vision, history, departments and hospitality.
We do this using videos, texts, photos and a quiz. The location-specific part starts with a video in which the relevant casino manager welcomes the new employee and tells a bit more about that location. We then tell more about subjects such as the service entrance, parking, the canteen and important contacts that people have to interact with during the first days.

The advantages

  • Inform new employees well about their new job, regardless of firm or flex, location and job.
  • From the moment that the selection procedure is positive and the screening starts, everyone has access to all the information they need to be able to start well prepared. They also ‘attract and retain’ employees during their screening process. This is combined in 1 solution with Appical as a pre-boarding app.
  • The app is a modern, interactive way to share information. In addition, we can continue to optimize the app through user feedback.
  • The information in the app is easy to modify, which is useful in a dynamic organization that wants to keep innovating.
  • Through this app they want to give new employees a unique look behind the scenes of our casinos.
  • The app is seen as a tool that they continue to evaluate and continue to develop, with the emphasis on keeping information up-to-date but also on adding new videos.


From the first moment new employees are welcomed so that everyone who gets 9+ experience at Holland Casino.

Our locations

In this part of the app you get more information about the location where you will start. For example, if you start in Valkenburg, you will receive a specific onboarding for that location.

Welcome to Holland Casino

During ‘the tour’ you will learn all ins and outs about the organization, the working method, the core values and the customer experience.

Facts & Figures

We also challenge you in the app. Do you know the answer to the questions?

Employee story

A waiter at Holland Casino in Valkenburg


I have been working as a waitress at Holland Casino Valkenburg since June 1st,  2018. Thanks to the onboarding app I was able to start my job at Holland Casino well prepared. It is nice to get some information from the company you are going to work in advance, especially because Holland Casino often works with abbreviations and you have to deal with this every day. A number of these abbreviations were already introduced in the onboarding app and as a result much was already clarified. Working in hospitality is my passion, it’s something that is just natural to me. At Holland Casino I find it particularly nice because I come across very different people with wishes. Moreover, there are many guests who speak different languages, and I can keep my English, German and especially French up to date which I really like. I like the videos in the app, because you get a real impression of the atmosphere and the information comes from direct colleagues who know what they are talking about.


Furthermore, I found the checklist in the app very handy. It makes it really easy to keep track of all the forms you need to fill in and send back and be aware of what was already done versus what yet has to happen.

I can honestly say that this app is really valuable for new employees. Of course, not everything is included but you can already get a good picture of the organization and culture. Going through the app you also really makes you want to start!

HR Policy Advisor

Nadja Alekseeva

We were looking for an exciting way to educate our potential new colleagues and inform them through an innovative app where user experience is key. Just like our guests, we strive to give our employees a 9+ experience. A good pre-boarding and a warm personal welcome is essential to us.





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With 14 branches throughout the Netherlands, Holland Casino is the only licensed casino in the country. As the sole provider of table games, such as American Roulette and Blackjack, we have a unique position in the Dutch gaming market. With a passion for hospitality and entertainment, we annually offer the most exciting games to more than 1.1 million unique guests, in a safe and responsible manner.

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