WegwijZ in Zeist - integrating newcomers with the app too!

The recent increase in the number of newcomers (refugees with a residence status assigned to Zeist for housing solutions) and the greater integration-responsibility the municipality has since 2014, coupled with the findings of the Scientific Council for Government Policy (that the integration has failed) raised the need to tackle integration differently and more importantly - better. With the app, there is evident enthusiasm among users due to the accessible and comprehensive way in which information is delivered.

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The advantages

  • For WegwijZ in Zeist, the App offers content in 3 languages, consisting of information that newcomers will need during their first 2-3 years.
  • The App refers directly to contacts within the organizations working together with Zeist, such as Social Services, Refugee Work, volunteer work or Language Providers.
  • The App increases self-reliance. Newcomers can see their questions answered immediately and follow their own agenda. Through the App we introduce them to relevant contacts and develop their network.

News as information

Not only the much needed information gets a place in the app, also current news and activities.

Volunteer work

If a paid job still fails, the focus on volunteering is the first step for status holders to be part of society and therefore worth a separate chapter in the app.


Integrating in the Netherlands? How exactly is that and what is expected of you? In the app you will find a video that helps you!

Welkom in Zeist!

After all practical information, newcomers are warmly welcomed in the municipality. In this way, the municipality tries to take away questions at the earliest possible stage.


Advisor Werklust & Projectmanager at the municipality of Zeist

Ina Smittenberg

‘We strive to serve the initiative and ambitions of newcomers. We use the App to increase the self-sufficiency of newcomers in Zeist by offering them all the necessary information for a new and good life in Zeist, in a fresh and customized manner.


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  • 0 % of foreign origin
  • 0 nationalities within the municipality

WegwijZ in ZuidĀ 

Zeist is a medium-sized municipality on the Utrecht Heuvelrug area with about 60,000 inhabitants. Many people do not know that more than 12% of the Zeist population is of foreign origin and that a total of 45 nationalities live within the municipality.

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