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SintLucas brings in many new employees every year, with a peak towards the beginning of the new school year in September. Through the app new employees feel involved and the organization feels familiar. Due to the very different schedules of the teaching staff, it is often difficult to organize Meetings. The information required by each team can also be quite different. With the app, the offline and online worlds are now combined and Appical perfectly matches the innovative nature of SintLucas.

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The advantages

  • In our field, implementing this kind of unique app is important.
  • It reflects the way we want to be seen in the market: innovative, creative and people centric.
  • SintLucas brings the creative community together on its website under ‘storymakers’. By using Appical, work in is now more structured and well organized – now we can start retrieving these stories from day one.
  • The biggest advantage of Appical is that it saves the HR department a lot of time, since now we can collect and communicate information quickly and easily, from one place.


We hear what you think .. once a Sint, always a Sint, right? But what does it mean being part of SintLucas? We explain it in the app!

What we do

SintLucas builds a community of creatives. What exactly is that? Get familiar with our employees through the pp and over social media.

First impression

In the app you’ll find a tour through the SintLucas building. Always remember: you never get a second chance to make a first impression!


Insider’s knowledge – even that is part of you preboarding! SintLucas tackles this subject in one of the last chapters.


HR Advisor

Laurie Oostelbos

‘With the app, Sint Lucas makes new colleagues feel part of the Creative Community immediately’.


  • 360 employees
  • In addition to MBO courses, we also offer a VMBO course in Eindhoven
  • Vocational school for creative talent


SintLucas is more than just a school. SintLucas is developing a creative community that is at the center of society and connects students, graduates and staff with the business community, other schools and cultural institutions. SintLucas is an ambitious school set in a dynamic environment. To ensure contemporary, challenging and attractive education, we continuously adapt to the latest developments in the creative industry and in society.

Wondering what Appical can do for you?


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