The best possible start at Miss Etam!

Miss Etam strives to put on irresistible collections and make the customer feel the best! Keeping this profile across the shopping streets around the country requires passionate, committed employees who can carry the vision of the organization, because passionate employees ensure happy customers!

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  • Employees are involved from the first working day!
  • During the first month we present new colleagues with both offline and online assignments, teaching them all about Miss Etam along with the tricks of the trade.
  • Onboarding through the app using videos and games provides an easy landing and is lots of fun!

Miss Etam Moments

Promoting events and celebrating communities: the app is a platform for employees and customers to come together.

What will you do?

Team coordinator? Part-time sales person? In the app you’ll find an overview of all the positions within Miss Etam, complete with tasks, responsibilities and descriptions.


Among other things, Miss Etam inspires employees with the app. We also include a special chapter – how to inspire our clients!

Het dashboard

See the progress of your co-workers or the manager at a quick glance!

Watch the video!

Employees higher engagement is very evident – our employees have more fun and stay with us longer. That’s a win-win for all of us!

HR Advisor

Joyce Misset

‘Pre-onboarding is an important part of the employee journey of a new employee. Fun, soft landing and a strong connection are central to Miss Etam.’



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Miss Etam

Miss Etam offers a daily changing collection that connects with the Dutch woman. Whether big or small, taller or shorter; all women are beautiful. That’s been Miss Etam saying for the last 90 years. With the motto “Being your beautiful self”, Miss Etam emphasizes feeling good in your own skin – and radiating it! For all women out there who are happy with themselves, Miss Etam is here for you and creates fashion that suits you.
With our fashion, we bring out the best in every woman and maybe that’s why Miss Etam dressed more women than any other fashion brand in the Netherlands.

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