You get only one chance at a first impression!

In 2015, Medical Spectrum Twente (the MST learning center) and Appical developed the MST tour, and took about 4000 MST staff and healthcare professionals for a tour around MST’s new location. Ever since, the tour has been a regular part of our introduction day! For us, a new hospital meant a new onboarding program in which the new employee can actively and enthusiastically share everything with their colleagues. On the first day, new employees are given an information market (Meet the Experts) and several training courses are offered, after which they can get to work quickly. Which teams use the app? Everyone! From logistics employees to neurologists.

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The advantages

  • A platform with all the information levels a new employee needs
  • Information is available on demand, 24/7 and from every device
  • Feedback: users not only send it, but also receive feedback!
  • Employees feel welcomed, and are immediately involved in the organization
    The general information about MST is made available two weeks before the first day.
    By visualizing the content, employees can actually see the organization – inside and out.

Tour through the MST building

Following the opening of the new building, MST uses an interactive platform to introduce its employees to the new environment in an engaging way. The tour is also available in the app for new employees.

Attention for specialists

MST chose to give various functions extra attention in the app. The overall organizational story is available for everyone, but there is also room for department-specific onboarding.


The checklist function is there to makes sure the new employees arrive at their first day fully prepared!

Educationalist / Project Manager

Annelot Adolfsen

‘The onboarding app grants MST the opportunity to offer every new employee the exact tailor-made information that she or he needs in order to start successfully.’


The goal for 2018-2019 is to focus more on visual content, meaning even more videos!


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Medisch Spectrum Twente

MST is a top clinical hospital in Twente with a complete range of basic care and top clinical care. MST is also a training center for future (para) doctors and nurses, and carries extensive scientific research. MST has a regional trauma center and offers first response in the event of serious accidents or disasters in the regional border area. MST is one of the seven Santeon hospitals that work closely together to improve care by learning from each other.

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