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With about 300 new employees per year - JVH is growing fast! That also requires a streamlined onboarding in order to deliver the VIP experience from employee to guests. From July 2017 until the summer of 2018, 443 employees have been using Appical, and the onboarding process caught a boost.All employees feel welcomed, and receive the same experience as the guests in the casinos.

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Good onboarding inspires and raises self-confidence with new employees!

The implementation of Appical and setting up the new ‘You’re welcome’ hospitality training along with a training program for casino managers were a natural next step in the evolution of the JVH VIP Academy.
‘Our ambition is to be an Employer of Choice and we have an internal passion: Passion4People!

The advantages

  • JvH gaming & entertainment operates in a niche market. ‘The Way We Work’ is unique and good onboarding helps to quickly and efficiently educate employees.
  • With the app, employees are equipped with concrete knowledge and feel at home more quickly. Information and inspiration are key to this!
  • The app is an interactive alternative to our introduction module; We ask more questions and require more engagement and employees are happy to prove their knowledge.
  • We use our onboarding app also following the pre-boarding phase! For example, employees can search for promotions in their casino.

JVH Experience

JVH offers a personal onboarding program with Appical. From the ‘what and why’ to the ‘how and your first assignments’.

The story behind JVH

In the app you will find more information about the origin of the company, the different formulas and various local offices, each with its own identity.

What to wear?

During a job interview, people often dress informally, but what do you put on your first day at work?

VIP experience for employees and guests

Give employees an experience that they will not soon forget and they pass this experience on to your guests. JVH believes that a VIP onboarding contributes to the VIP experience in all its casinos.

Employee story

A casino employee at Jack’s Casino in Gilze-Rijen


‘I found Jack’s Casino through an online search, and had my first conversation a few days later. My onboarding was more intensive than I’m used to, but that’s what I’m about. I find challenge and variety super nice in my work and I think that at JVH, thanks to the interactivity of the platform, I remembered so much more of the material. It is also useful to use as a reference book later on. At the end of my first month, I bought a delicious cake for the entire team and along with a nice card thanked everyone that helped me so much with everything. ‘

The Appical  app was tested extensively by a pilot group before going live.
The reactions were very positive, including mine. Working on the company competencies was also pleasant, making everything transparent and clear for the ‘newcomer’.

HR Director

Mandy Hundertmark

“Successful onboarding is the foundation for a successful collaboration.” My drive is to bring our employees and the organization to a higher level every day in the broadest sense of the word.



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JVH gaming & entertainment

With 60 years of experience and a market share of around 40%, JVH gaming is the market leader in commercial games of chance in the Netherlands. JVH gaming operates 81 locations throughout the Netherlands, from Groningen to Eindhoven and from Rotterdam to Coevorden. The casinos annually welcome more than 4 million guests and each of these visits will be a VIP experience, provided by 1200 employees. Every year, more guests visit Jack’s Casino, Flash Casinos, Flamingo Casino and our white label locations for a unique, complete entertainment experience. Each branch is Hét Casino in its own region. That is our ambition. At JVH gaming hospitality and VIP service are inextricably linked to responsible gaming behavior and safety.
Combined with the entrepreneurship that characterizes the entire organization, these are the pillars of our success.

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