A strong start to new CEVA Logistics employees with the CEVA app!

Each one of the 28 branches in the Benelux area shaped the onboarding of new employees in their own way. We wanted to educate all new employees in an explicit way and to make sure they are excited t about CEVA even before their first day on the job. In addition, we wanted to switch part of the recruitment process to digital. A good onboarding process is therefore crucial to us.

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The advantages

  • Our introduction program’s goal is to make new employees feel at home as quickly as possible while learning how CEVA works. Our onboarding starts with ‘Let’s start CEVAlization’.
  • On a regional level, onboarding or the way we work can sometimes vary.
    That is why CEVA chose to create a chapter for each location with some unique information about it.
  • The app ensures that everyone receives the same information before and after the first working day in a fun, interactive way. ‘We can now offer our entry form online digitally and tailor it to each person’.


As a CEVA employee, we take you on a journey. We call it CEVAlization.

Your journey

From your first working day to the last and even into your future, CEVA is here to  guide you. In the app you will find all the information you need throughout your CEVA journey.

Going global

CEVA operates worldwide. The videos in the app they take you along the important worldwide milestones.

Location based modules

A world player has various branches. Every employee sees only the content that is relevant to their location.

‘Let’s start CEVAlization’.

Recruitment Officer

Pauline Schut


‘With great enthusiasm and a lot of knowledge, employees come well prepared for their first working day. That also guarantees increased productivity and stronger commitment. CEVA shows us on HR Praktijk!



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CEVA Logistics

CEVA Logistics is one of the largest logistics service providers in the world. CEVA helps customers in the fields of Contract Logistics, Freight and Transport Management. The strength of the company lies in the talent of their employees. Together they want to improve every day!

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