The app that makes new employees feel a Caesarian right from the start!

By making pre-boarding and onboarding interactive, Caesar Experts sets new employees off to a good start! The new hires learn about the culture and unwritten rules of Caesar and get to meet their colleagues from different departments - even before starting their first day!

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Why a pre-& onboarding app?

Even after a full introduction day at the office, new employees still had many questions in the first few weeks. Considering they do get a lot of information in that one day, that makes sense.

Now, employees have all relevant and up-to-date information in one place, an app they can use as a work-in program and a reference book. In addition, the information in the app remains available for a year, so employees can always look back and feel like a new Caesarian.

Advantages of the app

At Caesar we wanted to engage new employees right from the start – giving feedback, stimulating innovative ideas, and working together as ambassadors. We want to communicate the Caesar culture while at the same time rid the employee and expert manager from collecting all the relevant information in order to get started properly.  
The app provides a convenient, logical transition from recruitment to HR to manager.

We now get insights into the starting period new employees, and receive live feedback which allows us to make quick adjustments on to go. Information in the app is approachable, engaging and informal. In the future, it could also be a handy reference tool for all colleagues, not just new hires. The app immediately gives the employee the “Caesar feeling”. They are encouraged to connect with new colleagues online, introduce themselves, and are included in our services, events and standards and values.


Meeting for the first time

An average of 35 new employees start at Caesar Experts every year. Whether senior professionals or young professionals, they all deserve a good onboarding.
At Caesar, new employee expect an exciting, challenging start.

Market & services

In an IT company, decisions are made based on data. This is how they can change along with the market and adjust their services accordingly. In the app we have numerous examples for data-centric projects with customers.


Our strength

Technological knowledge is the core strength of the company. With Caesar, we don’t only supply, but we build something together. We pay attention to all business units and make sure they work together optimally.


Another module in Caesar’s pre-and-on-board app is: our clients. Our business means we have to take into account various work locations, but as a company you want to provide a consistent onboarding, and nurture employees our clients can really relay on.

Fun facts! More in the video!

  • 35 new employees in a year.
  • Appical provides a consistent onboarding experience across various office locations.
  • 1 app in which HR & recruitment can easily adjust content.

Corporate IT Recruiter

Wendy van Wijngaarden

For Wendy, the candidate experience is always number one! For that reason the app is a great fit with her and the HR process. Even after the recruitment process, she can make sure the new employees have a good start at Caesar.’



Caesar Experts

Caesar Experts is a values-driven IT company from Utrecht with a total of 250 employees.
Part of the Caesar Group, it offers various services, including technological consultancy, software development, and management. At Caesar, personal development and innovation are central and so good onboarding is highly important.

Caesar has extensive technical knowledge in Microsoft, Oracle, Java, and Progress and works in the fields of Business Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud, Marketing Automation, SaaS, mobile development and enterprise content management. We consider employees as the main capital of Caesar and that is why we like investing in our technology heroes.

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