Tips & tricks to create a world-class employee experience

During the deep dive discussion into how to create a meaningful employee experience journey, different insights came up. With CEO of Appical Gerrit Brouwer, we spoke on HRD Summit about the ‘first important moments’ for a new hire, the positive & negative experiences they can have, about the relevant stakeholders and about the company culture.

‘Paper isn’t sexy anymore’ one of the participants on HRD Summit said. And he’s right! Companies have to make the employee experience special again. We have to make sure we’re connecting the emotional and practical part for candidates. So, how to do that? We give you some tips & tricks to make an impact:

  • Meaningful & personal conversations. 

A tailor-made message and an omni-channel approach are needed to reach candidates and new hires. ‘Find the heart’ in every message. Someone at our table gave the example of sending a very static email with practical information which doesn’t stick at all.

  • Simplify your process.

Take out unnecessary steps, don’t use them because you’re just used to. Another man at the table gave the example of a 27 steps recruitment process…Use technology as an enabler to becoming more human as an organization!

  • Self-service has to be bloody good, otherwise, it will affect your employer brand negatively.

There is always a discussion about the tasks for HR and the ones for the hiring manager. Make sure you measure time, effort and results to decide who is going to do the job. Do you want to be centrally of decentrally driven? In Coca-Cola bottling services there is an increasing fatigue on the self-service capabilities of their existing HR IT. Filling in admin details in a portal is not in line what employees expect nowadays. The human and personal touch is important.

  • Culture and role models.

Think of Hunkemoller, the company calls their employees and customers sheroes! The vibe in the stores is just the same as how the customers and employees want to be treated. If you merge the customer experience with the employee experience companies are able to deliver a consistent brand experience. Nowadays, you are increasingly seeing new job titles with a combined responsibility.

  • Brand advocates.

Make sure you treat people you don’t hire the same as people you do hire! If they have a positive experience they might be an ambassador as well. And at the end of the day, it’s about all your brand ambassadors!  


Do you want to know more about the importance of the Employee Experience? Earlier on we wrote a blog about the challenges for HR and the 7 reasons to start with it!

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