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The GDPR is an European law that requires businesses to protect the data and the privacy of all European Citizens, as well as giving consumers more control over how their personal data is being used. Once GDPR takes effect on May 25th 2018, it will harmonize previous and other data protection regulations throughout the EU. Before that time we will update our platform to be fully compliant with the GDPR law. An overview of our updates that will ensure our use of data will be compliant with the new regulation can be found below. We know that preparing for this regulatory change is a priority for many of our customers and it is equally a priority for us.

A couple of changes from our side will make our platform fully compliant with the new regulation.

Updated Privacy Policy

We will update our Privacy Policy and present this document to you in a more organized and readable format. Furthermore, we will be controlling the whole information lifecycle on- and off-site, created and applied procedures to meet the new privacy rights, updated our Terms and Agreements and tighten our framework for more control.

In order to be compliant we made some additional updates to the last Privacy Policy as well.

  • Appical does not store Personal Information any longer than necessary. Specifically, this means that the Personal Information is removed from our system within a set time after a user is deactivated (access to Appical is cancelled) by the employer.
  • At all times, you are entitled to revoke your consent with regard to the processing of personal information by Appical, the right to inspect and correct the processed Personal Information, and the erasure and transfer of the Personal Information processed / stored by Appical. You can also submit a complaint about the processing of Personal Information to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.
  • Appical only shares personal information with appointed sub-contractors if this is necessary for Appicals services, when there is a legal obligation, or when Appical is specifically requested by the customer (the employer). Appical does not pass on personal data to parties other than; Digital Ocean, Intercom, Metabase, Mandrill, Sentry, Mixpanel and does not pass on personal data to a country outside the EU.

Other changes

  • In order to use Appical, all users no matter what role he or she has, will have to accept our Privacy Policy. We will keep track of what version of the app the user uses and when they have accepted the Privacy Policy. If a user has not accepted the Privacy Policy, he or she will not be able to login on Appical.
  • If a user gets archived, he or she will be anonymized after 18 months. All personal data of this user (name, email, phone number, pictures, profile description, social media links) will not be visible for the company anymore.
  • Right to be forgotten. If a user wishes to be deleted, we are required to honour their request and delete his/her account and all data.

Get On GDPR – April 26th, 2018 (Dutch only)

How far are you? During Get On GDPR on Thursday April 26th, Appical will translate GDPR to practical solutions. Sign up now!



10.00 Welcome

10.15 Presentation by GDPR Expert Rene Kimmijzer

11.15 Q&A

10.30 End of presentation

12.00 Lunch at Loetje aan het IJ


Appical, The Curve, T.T. Vasumweg 58E, 1033 SC, Amsterdam

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