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Bringing the essence of your organization directly into
the heart of your new employee.

With a unique blend of Technology, knowledge and experience, Appical is able to create a tailored onboarding experience for every organization.


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Our product covers:

Pre- & onboarding

Start the onboarding on the first day so your new hire becomes involved faster and gets productive quicker.
Pre- & onboarding

Remote Onboarding

Involve, train and inform your new employees with videos, games and augmented reality.
Remote onboarding


A reboarding app ensures that all employees are obliged to go through the protocols. You can then measure, prove and report the progress of employees.


Bring the journey to a perfect end, receive valuable feedback and maintain a good relationship with former employees.
This is Appical

The fully customizable solution for creating a tailored onboarding experience.

Create a personalized onboarding experience for your new employees. Boost employee engagement, increase productivity and reduce turnover with a simple and easy-to-use onboarding platform.

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Casestudy: PepsiCo

Beverage and snack food giant PepsiCo saw an opportunity to make training for new staff more job specific using Appical.

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Senior Financial Controller

“Even though it was all online, it is so well structured and it has such a friendly interface that, sometimes, I had the feeling that I was actually in a real office”

HR Manager

“Each month, Appical will save managers an average of 8 hours worth of ‘onboarding’ time.”

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Appical is ISO certified. We guarantee quality, we ensure your customer data is safe with us and we meet the highest international quality standards. Would you like to know more about our platform, links or data privacy? Ask one of our onboarding experts!

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