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Case Studies

We are happy to tell you about our experience developing great onboarding programmes for great customers. But why not let our customers do the talking? Because the Appical platform offers a fitting solution for every company. Check out the following cases for more inspiration!

Case Study Delta-Lloyd-Gradient

Strong start app

What they wanted? Delta Lloyd wanted a more personal, innovative, faster and interactive way to onboard new hires. Appical supplied the technology and helped develop the programme.

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Case Study BakerTilly-Gradient

The new onboarding

All onboarding information was spread out around the organisation. With Baker Tilly Berk, we created a structured onboarding app that helps our new hires get to know Baker Tilly Berk, giving them a ‘soft landing’.

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Case Study Ceva Logistics

Cevalization app

All 28 offices in the Benelux countries had their own onboarding programmes. What they wanted: inspire all new hires and inform them about how things are run at CEVA before their first day of work.

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Case Study Sintlucas-Gradient

Sint Lucas

Sint Lucas hires a lot of new staff throughout the year, with, of course, a peak before the start of the new school year. Because of the teaching schedules of all the teachers, it can be hard to organise group meetings. Appical helps them by offering a structured and digital onboarding programme for all new hires.

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