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First day of work

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Company Onboarding

Learn everything you need to know about your new employer.

Company Onboarding

Learn everything you need to know about your new employer.


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Get to know your new company
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Who founded the company? What is their mission? How old is the company? During the onboarding phase, you get to know the culture of your new company. This way, you don’t have to spend the first week cramming, but also have time to enjoy yourself!

What is your new CEO’s hobby?

It’s always good to be prepared. The people finder shows you all the ins and outs about your new colleague. Who, for example, practices judo at a high level? And who is the stamp collector?

What does your new workplace look like?

Take an augmented reality tour of your new office. It’s the perfect way to see where you will be sitting before ever having stepped foot in the office. And where to find that delicious cappuccino.

Your first day of work

Find your way
around the company

W h e r e   d o    I   g e t   c o f f e e ?

The coffee machine

Every floor has a coffee machine where you can get a free cuppa. The machine gives out various types of coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

The canteen

In our canteen, we have baristas that can make you a proper cup of Italian coffee. Check out the menu and rates here.

Suzanne’s tip

100m to the right of the office building, there is a great bakery. I can warmly recommend the chocolate croissants!

Tim completed the ‘A warm welcome’ mission.

Good to see you, Tim, welcome to your first
day of work!

Hi Suzanne, thank you for your encouragement!

If you have questions, you know where to find me. Good luck!

Your new employer

Get to know your new company

Augmented Reality

A tour of our branches. Without even leaving your desk!

Direct Feedback

Get real-time feedback and tips from your manager about the progress of your onboarding programme. Let your manager know what points of improvement you have noticed.

Real learning

Instead of labouring through a 687 page ‘staff manual’, play games, watch videos and answer questions. That is the best way to remember what you’ve learnt.

Your job

What is expected
of me?

Checklist Targets Progress onboarding Job-specific Training
Job-specific Training Checklist Targets Progress onboarding


A good onboarding strategy is indispensable. It is the perfect opportunity to
make an impression on your new employees! And it has more advantages:


The increase in productivity and commitment are averages based on various international studies. The savings are calculated on the basis of the average salary of a HR manager and the average salary of a new staff member with average experience.

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